Jake Hoot spent some time with us this morning and shared some of his experiences that led to him winning season 17 of The Voice.

According to Jake's bio page on The Voice website, he grew up in Corpus Christi, Texas and also traveled with his parents who are missionaries. When we first heard his voice, we were immediately reminded of Ronnie Dunn. Jake confirmed that Ronnie was indeed one of his influences.

Jake Hoot - "Absolutely. I've heard Ronnie Dunn. I've heard Garth Brooks. Either one of those guys are huge compliments."

Jake's upbringing with his family and their missionary work definitely had a huge impact on his singing.

Jake Hoot - "Yes, sir. We traveled all over the US when I was really young. We actually moved over to the Dominican Republic when I was about 8. Got a guitar when I was 13...but I had always sang and stuff and led worship at the church...it just kinda grew from there."

Jake shared with us that he's working on new music which should be available at some point in 2020. In the meantime, you can follow him on Facebook and through the official The Voice website.

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