Jalan Crossland has been hailed as a "Wyoming Treasure" and we couldn't agree more.

Crossland's musical vibe is a blend of Bluegrass and Traditional Country (with a bit of Outlaw Country thrown in) that he refers to as "Americana."

His fan's know him for his entertaining live performances and Wyoming themed songs.

"Bosler" is a personal favorite, and with lyrics like "I dream of a trailer in Bosler, Wyoming with tires on the roof dear and you by my side." who wouldn't love it?

Photo Credit Tess Anderson
Photo Credit Tess Anderson

In our recent interview, we covered a variety of topics with Crossland, from his upcoming appearance at Beartrap Summer Festival (Aug 3 2:00 pm) to his newest album "Greatest Efforts."

Crossland stated that "Greatest Efforts" was his version of a greatest hits album. He mentioned that he went to his fans and let them pick the songs they felt should be on the album.

In my opinion, this sums up Crossland's vibe 100%.

He's an expert at creating music that his fans can connect to on an emotional level and love to listen (and dance) to as well.


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