Here’s a chilling thought — Larry King wants to be frozen after he dies. The former CNN personality says, “I want to be frozen in the hope that they’ll find whatever I died of and bring me back.”

While the thought of a thawed-out King doing his best Brendan Fraser in ‘Encino Man’ may make you chuckle, we wondered what exactly he would do if he was brought back from the dead after hanging out in a meat locker with future hamburgers.

Here’s a look at some potential jobs King should look into with his second chance at life:

1. A good interviewer. This would be uncharted territory.

2. An escort. Since he’s a new and improved Larry King, though, he’d be smart enough to only date women his own age. Assuming there are any.

3. A Civil War rep-enactor. His first-hand knowledge and experience of Antietam will make for great theater.

4. A spokesman. He’d work on behalf of a movement that seeks to inform the public that life doesn’t have to end just because you’re turned 150.

5. A ‘Dancing with the Stars’ contestant. If Buzz Aldrin can do it, so can Larry.

6. A bartender. He’ll be familiar with things on ice.

7. A salesman. He can make a nice commission if he convinces Hugh Hefner to freeze himself, too.

8. A time traveler. He’ll return to 2011 to show Herman Cain how he can bring his campaign back from the dead.

9. A skeleton in a biology classroom. Wait, he can do that now.

10. A doctor. He can defibrillate himself.

11. A ’60 Minutes’ host. They need to get the average age back towards the triple digits.