6 minutes.

That's how long it takes me to get to work on an average day.

I'm not the only person in Wyoming that can say that either, because Wyoming's statewide commute time is 16.9 minutes. That means there are quite a few Wyomingites that spend very little time driving to get to work.

The only other state with a shorter commute time is South Dakota, and they only beat us by .2 minutes at 16.7 minutes. North Dakota and Montana are the only other states that have an under 18 minute average commute.

Obviously there are counties in Wyoming that have a bit further to drive, as a matter of fact, some counties have an average drive of over 25 minutes.

  • Weston County - 26.9 minutes
  • Converse County - 25.9 minutes
  • Crook County - 25.6 minutes

Three Wyoming counties have a less than 15 minute average commute time.

  • Carbon County - 14.2 minutes
  • Albany County - 13.9 minutes
  • Washakie County - 11.6 minutes.

Wyoming's most populated counties, Laramie County, Natrona County and Campbell County are all middle of the pack.

  • Laramie County 100,723 people - ranked #15 - 17 minute average
  • Natrona County 79,601 people - ranked #11 - 18 minute average
  • Campbell County 47,058 people - ranked #9 - 19.8 minute average

Those times are nothing compared to states like New York, Maryland and New Jersey that have an average commute time of over 30 minutes.

We're actually pretty spoiled here in the Cowboy State and I'm guilty of saying...

oh man, I don't want to drive ALL THE WAY to east side of Casper to eat.

Even if you're on the west side of Casper and drive to the east side of Casper, you're in the car 10-15 minutes (depending on the time of day).

I found this meme on the 'Lessons Taught By Life' Facebook page, that really hits home.

We may not have a choice in the matter, because if you're driving to another town, lake, attraction in Wyoming, it's 'about an hour'.

When you think about it, we sure have it pretty good here in Wyoming.

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