Joe Nichols has released the lyric video for his new single, 'Hard to Be Cool.'

The new release follows Nichols' success with his two previous singles, 'Sunny and 75' and 'Yeah,' which both hit No. 1, and the new tune seems to be just as popular with his fans.

"It's surprised me how popular it is in the live show," he tells Rolling Stone Country. "That's a good indicator of what album cuts should be singles: when people are singing every word to it, and they get excited right after hearing the intro."

The lyric video, directed by Ford Fairchild and Christina Cooper, features the song's lyrics displayed over shots of a beautiful brunette hanging around a snow cone truck.

'Hard to Be Cool' was written by Rob Hatch and Jason Sellers, and Nichols says that it almost didn't make it on his latest album, 'Crickets.' He was in the studio recording a different song as the last track for the album when the head of his record label walked in with a demo of the song.

"Benny came by and said, 'You've gotta check this out.' I said, 'It's pretty late in the process. I don't know about that…' But he played it, and I immediately said, 'We've gotta cut it!'" Nichols says. "It's a fun song. But it's also frightening because Jason sang on the demo, and he's a great singer. So you want to at least sing it as good as he did, which is intimidating."

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