Pandemic style entertainment took a center stage on Monday (May 11) when The Voice continued on its socially distancing path to the finale. While on this journey, the show gave fans a little treat in the form of Kane Brown's new single, "Cool Again," which he gave his live debut (distancing!) in front of a screen for viewers to enjoy.

Brown's performance was definitely on the lo-fi side of things, placing the singer (dressed casually in a comfortable-looking hoodie, black jeans and hi-tops) in a decidedly no-frills setting. As noted, the backdrop was nothing more just a screen, which transposed back and forth between red and blue lighting.

This is a laid-back song, with a rollicking/gentle island vibe, and the treatment fit well into the under-the-radar theme of the pandemic-era direction both The Voice and American Idol have been forced to adapt to. It also showed off Brown's lovable everyman-style vibes. Was the performance a little too casual? Fans seemed receptive to the idea of a less glitzy production in the time of quarantining.

The new father made news in April after he released a new song called “Last Time I Say Sorry” with Voice coach John Legend. The two performed the song during the recent CBS special, ACM Presents: Our Country.

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