Those of us that live in Wyoming know how beautiful this state is, but the rest of the world continues to be surprised...including country music star Kane Brown.

Kane Brown's most recent music video for his song "Worship You" was filmed entirely in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, and includes his beautiful wife and daughter.

When asked what they thought about Wyoming Brown and his wife said that they thought it was beautiful, and are already making plans to come back for a family vacation.

I had to laugh when I read that Brown's wife Katelyn said "It was really windy!"

Wyoming residents know that wind and Wyoming go hand in hand.

Brown's new song "Worship You" is dedicated to his wife and daughter and because of this, he included them in the video.

With lyrics like this:

And I ain't saying you can walk on water
Or that you can turn it into wine
But, girl, it feels like a miracle
That you're mine

It's easy to see they this unique love song is on it's way to being a hit.

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