If you're ready for a drive to Lander, it looks like Luckey Pond is ready for you. I have video proof that it is stocked full of rainbow trout.

I found this video shared by Rene Schell on YouTube. County 10 also had details on what Wyoming Game and Fish were up to. Rene had this description that should get your fishing blood boiling:

300, 14-20" fall rainbow trout were stocked in the winter of 2018-19 into a local fishing pond. Luckey Pond in Lander is now ice-free and ready for anglers.

If you look at the Luckey Pond Facebook page, you'll see plenty of happy people catching fish. Now that there are even more rainbow trout there, might be time for a road trip.

You might want to get there sooner rather than later as there are some birds in that part of Wyoming who also love fish. Remember this one?

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