With temperatures on the rise Wyoming's grasses, trees and flowers will soon be in bloom.  Granted this makes the Cowboy State a beautiful place, unless you're one of the thousands affects by seasonal allergies!

But besides reaching for your allergy prescriptions and over the counter medicines to help treat your symptoms what else can allergy suffers do?  You might try letting your dog lick your face?

Researchers at the University of Arizona have been conducting a study to see if a dog's saliva can help with people suffering with allergy symptoms.

Allergies and other immune diseases like asthma are more common today than ever before and it actually might be because we're so sanitary.  People today are not being exposed to as much good bacteria as we used to, because of things like hand sanitizer and anti-bacterial soaps.

But our lovable dogs are still just as disgusting as they ever were.

Some recent studies have found that kids who grow up with dogs tend to have fewer allergies and other health issues.  The theory is that dogs pick up bacteria by licking things and rolling around in stuff and being exposed to that bacteria helps kids and adults build resistance.

So if your allergies are acting up you might spend a little more quality time with your dog and as disgusting a it might seem, let them lick your face!  Here's to now more sniffles! Yuck!!

Source: ABC News

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