This is both hilarious and terrifying. There's a new video show shows a bison in Yellowstone letting a tourist RV know it's not welcome in the loudest way possible. Make sure you have your speakers turned up for this one.

A lady named Katie (guessing based on their user name) shared this description on YouTube:

This guy was really angry at the RV that stopped in front of us. Growling!

No joke. Here's a close-up of them trying to get by the bison. Note another huge roar.

Whoever was in the RV can consider themselves lucky because the bison looks like it's about ready to charge. Even in a big RV, I would not want to be on the losing end of a mad bison.

If you think a bison can't put a hurt on you, check out the Wikipedia page dedicated to them. With a potential speed of 40 mph plus the fact can weigh over 2,000 pounds, it doesn't take fancy math skills to understand that you may not live to see the other side of a bison attack.

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