There's a sweet video that shows a little girl give a Casper police officer a gift while she gets a surprise gift in return.

Josh and Rebekah Parke shared this video on Facebook a few days ago. It's their daughter giving Casper Police Officer Jay Bigelow a gift she made.

It's a little hard to see in the video, but she's giving the officer a painted rock that says "We support Natrona County Law Enforcement. You rock!". Josh also shared a picture of the officer with the stuffed animal that he gave her in return.

Posted by Josh Parke on Sunday, November 15, 2020

In a time when there is so much troubling news, how refreshing is it that a young girl's random act of kindness gets immediately returned by a public servant? The world would be a better place with more genuine moments like these.

To the Parke family I say you are raising that little one right. To Casper Police Officer Bigelow, another job well done, sir.

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