It's rare that you can look inside of something that is truly a part of the fabric of Wyoming history. This is one of those times as you can now see some pictures inside and out of Buffalo Bill's historic log cabin in Cody.

Believe it or not, this property is now available on Zillow. The exact address is 2326 Southfork St. in Cody. You don't get more Wyoming than this.

Buffalo Bill's Cody Log Cabin

The Zillow listing provides these tasty details of what you're looking at:

Buffalo Bill's historic Cody Cabin sits on this spectacular property on upper Rock Creek, fully surrounded by USFS land. This extremely private and scenic retreat has been held by the same family since 1956.

I was not familiar with this property before I saw it land on Zillow. I've come across a lot of Buffalo Bill stuff when my wife and I were researching the history of the real John Henry "Doc" Holliday part of our family.

This kind of Wyoming history doesn't come for free if you're in the market for a log cabin. The asking price on Zillow as of today is $3.25 million. That's more zeroes than I'm normally comfortable dealing with. I'm thankful to have the pics to check out for free as this is some truly vintage Wyoming property.

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