It hasn't quite been a year yet since make-up artist supreme, Jeffree Star decided to pack up and move to Casper. Originally the move was a part time thing, since he shared equal time here and his California home. But since around the beginning of the year, the cosmetic mogul has been calling Wyoming his official home.

Star has also been staying busy with plenty of business ventures. There's his Star Yak Ranch, the Casper distribution center and coming up November 26th, 2021 (Black Friday), the official release of his new Jeffree Star Pets.

As a dog lover, a pet owner and a Wyoming native myself, I am definitely more vested in any of Jeffree's video that are shot on location here in Casper, so this video is one of my favorites (maybe second to the Kanye West affair rumors; that little fictitious gossip was just hilarious).

At one during this video, Star joked that one of his dogs (Diva):

Oh baby, I want my own sculpture. Okay, let me call the governor of Wyoming and we'll work on that.

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Along with the video (and price points for each of the new pet products), Jeffree shared the caption that read:

Hi everyone!!!! Welcome BACK to my channel... Today is SO exciting because the STAR family and I are releasing our very own PET BRAND!!!!! LAUNCHING on BLACK FRIDAY NOV. 26TH... Jeffree Star Pets™ is starting off with ALL dog products! 🐶 And of course, not just for small dogs! This line is for all shapes and sizes! It's only fitting that the very first launch is FULLY a dog moment. 💖 We have custom leashes, food bowls, toys and an array of products! You will be able to shop this brand extension on the newly OR and buy makeup at the same time!

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