We thought it was a cute and fun way to decorate your yard while at the same time helping out your furry friends.

We even had one of our local listeners use some of his quarantine induced free time to create one of his own.

Bill Schwamle
Bill Schwamle

Just look at that Casper squirrel living his best life!

A Michigan man, James Vreeland, took things to a whole new level of amazing when he created a squirrel restaurant in his yard.

Complete with tables, statues, and a beautiful open-air setting area "Maison de Noix" which translates to "The Nut House" is the neighborhood hot spot. I don't know about you, but just looking at these pictures made me smile, and what a great wholesome activity to spend your time on. Not only is it fun for Vreeland, but it's obviously been a hit with all the neighbors walking by.  




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Another successful lunch service. A post shared by jamesvreeland (@jamesvreeland) on

We can also all agree that the squirrels (and birds) are the real winners here, right?

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