I think we can agree that we all have way to much time on our hands lately.

When I came across a picture of a squirrel enjoying a snack at his very own, perfectly sized picnic table I had so many questions.

Did HE make it?

Did someone else make it for him?

Does he bring his own food to eat at the picnic table, or is the food out there for him when he arrives?

Where can I get a picnic table like this for our local squirrels?

If you too had these questions, don't stress. I have all the answers.

No, the squirrel did not build the table. It was created by SquirrellyTreasureCo. on Etsy.

SquirrellyTreasureCo. via Etsy

You can purchase one already made for $35.00 or you can turn making your own squirrel picnic table into a fun family activity by purchasing a kit for $15.00.

SquirrellyTreasureCo. via Etsy

If you aren't motivated enough to actually purchase or make a squirrel picnic table you can enjoy all the cuteness from the comfort of your couch by watching this video.

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