If you weren't already convinced that it's a good idea to look under anything you're about to sit on, look at this video of what was seen under an Evansville park bench.

Here's the description on the YouTube share:

My fiance and I had been on an evening walk on July 7th, when we found this Bull Snake hanging out in the underside of this park bench. I took the video to show that it is always a good idea to check your surroundings, you never know what may be close by.

Even though this would register very high on most of our freak out meters, remember that bull snakes are your friends. As their Wikipedia page mentions, the feed on rodents that can carry diseases.

It's also worth nothing that they are reported to get kinda testy when they come close to humans. Even though they aren't venomous, you wouldn't want to sit on or near one. Seriously.

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