It's no secret that Luke Bryan loves to fish, and he's passed that fun outdoor activity down to his kids. In a heartwarming video the singer posted to Instagram Tuesday (Aug. 6, Bryan showed just how his favorite hobby serves as a bonding experience between him and his older son, Bo.

Over the strains of Bryan's 2017 song "Pick it Up"—an ode to life's lessons which he says is specifically about his relationship with his boys—the father and son get ready for a fishing trip. Bryan organizes the bait. Bo points to a cooler and says, "You're gonna have your beer right here, and I'm gonna have my Sprite here."

"Christmas in August, baby," remarks Bryan, to which his son replies, "Christmas, we're fishing!" The video carries out with some heartwarming footage of the two making some nice catches out on the lake...but most importantly, enjoying time together.

Bryan is set to maintain his busy schedule, so it is a positive thing he's making time to spend with his family whenever possible. He, as well as fellow judges Katy Perry and Lionel Richie will all be back for Season 3 of American Idol on ABC. The television network announced on Monday (Aug. 5) that the series' three judges, who have been with the show since its first season on ABC, have officially signed their contracts for the next season.

American Idol's third season on ABC is set to begin in Spring 2020. Auditions began on July 23 in Brooklyn, N.Y., and will continue in various cities until late September.

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