Luke Bryan's niece, Jordan Cheshire, is getting married soon, which means the final preparations for the big day are underway — including putting the finishing touches on any planned dance moves.

Caroline Bryan has been documenting all of the fun and crazy moments as the family arrives for the wedding, like sons Bo and Tate getting their final tux fittings. Thirteen-year-old Bo is obviously feeling good in his wedding wear, showing off his dance moves in a video his mom shared to Instagram. Hmm, does his hip shake remind you of anyone?

“Luke Part II Just like his Dad. Good Lord please help me,” Caroline writes with the video. The 13-year-old is all smiles as he dances around.

While Bo was having the time of his life getting prepped for his cousin's big day, Caroline was able to get Tate’s reaction in the same shot ... it was not as enthusiastic as his older brother. Poor Tate looked like he's already partied out and ready to be done.

"Tate is like me … he just wants to sit down and have a snack," Caroline adds in the comments. Tate is the younger of the couple's two children and recently turned 11 years old.

Luke and Caroline's niece and her fiance, Clint, got engaged on December 23, 2020 and will be saying "I do" this coming weekend.

Although the excitement of the couple's upcoming nuptials is palpable, it's likely to be a day of heavy-hearted tears, too. Jordan and her two siblings, Kris and Tilden, have lost both of their parents — Mom Kelly in 2007 and Dad Lee in 2014. After their parents' deaths, Caroline and Luke stepped in to give the trio a home and to play an integral role in their lives as they aged to adulthood.

In a recent interview with Taste of Country, Bryan notes that all three kids find ways to honor their parents in their years they've been gone, so Kelly and Lee will likely be represented in a big way on the big day, even if they aren't there in the flesh.

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