It's been so hazy this summer that at times we can't see the mountains in our own backyard. Some of our most beautiful drives have been hazed out.

Imagine driving past Elk Mountain on I-80, knowing it's there, but almost not being sure you see it.

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Imagine driving up I-25 along that section where the Laramie Range or the Big Horn Mountain Range fill the side windows and not being able to see them, or maybe just seeing an outline of them.

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Out toward Independence Rock or Rock Springs for that matter, the windshield is filled with sharp peaks in the distance. But this summer it's been nothing but a milky haze.

Bill Schwamle

Even sitting at the base of Devils Tower was a little disappointing. The eyes would water as folks strained to see through the soot in the air.

Bill Schwamle, Townsquare Media

Well, I just wanted to remind you that it's all still out there and it's as beautiful as ever.

At some point this fire season will come to an and we will all enjoy what makes us love Wyoming once again.

chickenOna_chain , Reddit

Until then here are just a few reminders of what is out there and why you love looking at one of the most beautiful states God ever created.

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