Life in Wyoming in the late 1800's was different, for sure.

Towns were being developed, ranchers were still in the early stages of staking their claim on land, outlaws were running wild and the railroad was a major player in moving goods.

One of those towns being developed was Lusk, Wyoming.

Founded in 1886 by Frank Lusk, rancher and stockholder in the Wyoming Central Railway, Lusk was one of the main towns on the railway to help transport coal.

The Central Wyoming Railway began as a dummy corporation because law required companies to incorporate within the territory. So a post office was established on Frank's ranch, so he wouldn't have to ride 15 miles to get his mail. When contacted about the name, Lusk said to name it whatever name would ensure the post office would be established. That's the condensed story of how the town was formed.

Lusk was a big part of the railway system that was established in Wyoming. That same time period, Douglas and Casper were established for the same reason...the railroad.

The train engines were steam engines and needed to be refilled with water to continue on their trip. So at each stop, towns would have water tanks filled with water to top off the engines.

Lusk is home to one of only six remaining redwood railroad water tanks in the country and the only one in Wyoming.

The tank is made from Douglas fir and has been maintained by the Niobrara County Historical Society since 1971.

Niobrara County, Wyoming is the least populated county in Wyoming, but the history is a BIG part of what shaped Wyoming.

It was just a couple years after Lusk was established, that Wyoming became the 44th state of the United States.

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