Niobrara County Wyoming. As of the 2020 United States Census, the population was 2,467, making it the least populous county in Wyoming. 

Its county seat is Lusk. As of the 2019 Census Lusk had a population of just 1558 people.

It's typical to think that if there are not many people living in an area, or visiting, then there is not much to the place.

Let's have a look.

The town of Lusk was founded in 1886 by Frank S. Lusk (1857-1930). 

Lusk is your typical cute, little Western town. Nice homes. Quiet streets. But plenty of life to keep folks from getting bored.

The landscape outside of Lusk is beautiful. It's not just flat prairie.

Like most of eastern Wyoming, the area was built on coal, gas, and oil.

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Okay at this point I ran out of nice things to say.

Sorry I did not mean to bore you. There is just not a lot going on here.

Nice place. Nice people. But what is there to do?


I found the following from the Lusk Wyoming Recreation Site. Let's see if that has anything interesting to say about the area.

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5 Ways to Enjoy Wyoming’s Least Populated County

1. Hop on the Wyoming Quilt Trail
What began as a way to beautify the area after a devastating flood continues now as an embodiment of Niobrara County’s resilient spirit. It’s also an extension of the folky American Quilt Trail movement that uses wood and metal quilt squares to identify significant landmarks. Visitors will see more than 100 eye-catching, painted “quilt blocks” placed around the greater Lusk landscape: on homes, adorning businesses, and decorating garages, fences, and barns. Use this map to find them or keep your eyes peeled as you travel.

2. Shop in Lusk’s quaint downtown
There’s no better way to get to know a town like Lusk than to shop where the locals do. Crafters will enjoy ogling all the shimmery, textured, and colorful fabrics at Lickety Stitch Quilts. Or, pop into Bloomers, a flower store turned unique boutique, for Western-style home decor and fashionable women’s clothing. Hometown Country, another downtown staple, features all sorts of Wyoming-made products and things you need — from soaps and lotions to cowboy duds. Just remember to wear your cloth mask and practice social distancing when you’re browsing.

Keep reading- it gets WORSE!


3. Stargaze into the great unknown
Wyoming’s dark, wide-ranging skies — coupled with little to no light pollution (another perk of the state’s sparse population) — means you’ll see sparkling stars in Lusk like you never could in a city. Simply stare up into the grand, mysterious universe and behold its glittering orbs, sporadic meteor showers, the shimmering Milky Way, and brightly lit planets. Want to have a closer look? Lusk’s homey Best Western Pioneer and the rustic Prairie View Campground both offer telescopes to their guests.

4. Eat delicious, oh-so cheesy pizza
Lusk’s citizens simply love The Pizza Place — and it’s no secret why. With blocks of melty cheese shipped in from Wisconsin and crumbly sausage seasoned in house, the ooey-gooey pizza at this homegrown establishment is sublimely delicious. Order a super-loaded Meat Eaters pizza for its pepperoni, sausage, bacon, salami and the list goes on. Or, go for a Gourmet Chicken pie to dine on savory meat, creamy ricotta cheese, and baby spinach. Carryout and weather-dependent outdoor seating options are both available.

5. Relax at a Lusk city park
Looking for a green place to picnic? Lusk has five city-managed parks offering all sorts of family fun like playgrounds, walking paths, sandpits, and open fields for running and jumping. Caboose Park, located right on Main Street, has its very own historic train cart. Pick your spot, spread out a blanket, and relax for a while as you watch the kiddos play.

If their best advice is to eat pizza in their little park while looking up, I think we can say I have thoroughly wasted your time with this article.


To the people in that part of Wyoming, don't get me wrong. You have a wonderful little town, and country.

I stand by what I said about Niobrara County Wyoming and Lusk being cute, quaint, and full of wonderful people.

But, apparently, there is really nothing to do there.

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