I'm not a privacy nut. I accept the fact that when you have a smartphone, you're pretty much on the radar for all the world to see. But, I've just learned there's an iPhone setting that shares more about my location than I'm comfortable with. Here's what that is and how to disable it.

I came across this article on Business Insider. They shared details of a setting on iPhones called "Significant Locations". It's buried deep in the settings on the phone, but can easily be disabled when you find it.

I checked my phone and was shocked to see that this setting had all the places in and around Casper that I have visited, how much time I have spent there, what times of day I tend to go there, etc. In the wrong hands, that could be very bad for someone that wanted to harm me or my family.

If this is something you are concerned about, here's how you check the settings and disable it if you want.

It starts with the "Privacy" setting.


From there, you go to "Location Services".


Next thing you'll see are "System Services".


It's there that you'll find the "Significant Locations".


Select that and you can turn it off from the next screen.


As you can see from my phone pics, I have this turned off now and I cleared the history, too. It's another way this modern world keeps you on the grid whether you want to be or not.

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