Here's a scenario for you to consider. If you're out walking on a trail and you see a snake in front of the woman in your life. What do you tell her to do? If you're this guy, you tell her to run by it. He regretted his advice almost immediately.

Here's how this genius described the predicament with the snake: (NOTE: I've put the key part in bold text)

My girlfriend and I went on a hike and came across a black snake. We’ve been together for three years and I’ve always known that she’s terrified of snakes. I started filming and I told her we could turn around or just walk around the snake but she decided to face her fears. This was the end result and we managed to have a beautiful hike afterward and even came across some sweet baby goats. She was a little mad at first but everything’s just fine.

This is what happened.

Pretty sure the snake he's referring to is the Eastern Rat Snake. They are large but relatively harmless and non-venomous. But, the fact that his girlfriend was "mad at first" but now "she's fine" is the dangerous part.

If you're a lady, what do you really mean when you're mad, but then you tell your significant other you're "fine". Exactly. That's my point. No, the snake wouldn't have hurt her even if it had bitten her, but the danger more than likely began for real after they arrived home and he dealt with her being "fine".

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