At, they're good at the kind of fluff that is also somehow fascinating. They just struck again with “Each State’s Grossest Food (That People Actually Love).”

It’s all of America’s regional and local traditions. From “Alabama to Wyoming,” favorites might look not so good to an outsider, but they all are their own tastes of home.

Grossest? Yes, scrolling slowly down to WY, you see some food pics that really do look flat gross. Thrillist said that they aren’t here to judge, “Oh wait, yes we are.” And they do it so bad they’re good. See if you think they went easy on us.

Wyoming: Chuckwagon breakfast: “It’s not really that gross. Wyoming folks - all 600 of them - eat pretty well, actually. This is just a big ol' breakfast cooked over a fire, cowboy-style. Beans, eggs, (etc…). Whatever, it's Wyoming.”

Well, at least I find it refreshing we didn’t get the chicken fried steak tag.

We do highly resent that “all 600” cheap shot. (Not really highly.) Besides, 600 is just Pinedale, isn’t it? Just kidding, that's a whole 2,000 plus population.

Click here for all states. And some favorites of Cowboy State neighbors are:

Utah: Jello Salad

Nebraska: Hot Beef Sundae

South Dakota: Chislic

Montana: Rocky Mountain Oysters (aka "THE 'Sack' lunch")