Maren Morris has been frank about the fact that she and husband Ryan Hurd have fairly imminent family planning on the mind (in August, she tweeted that she has baby plans "blocked out on my calendar next year"). However, she startled fans on Saturday (Dec. 1) with what seemed to be a nudge-wink post alluding to a possible pregnancy.

Morris shared a photo of herself and Hurd in Paris smiling for the camera, with the caption, "Gonna have your babies" and a heart emoji.

Chaos immediately ensued, with fans demanding in all caps "Is SHE PREGNANT?" and "IS THIS AN ANNOUNCEMENT?" Cooler-headed viewers asked calmly, "Wait, what?" and "Is there something you'd like to share with the class?"

Sorry to let everyone down, but it appears there won't be any baby #Murds on the way, at least not just yet. Morris came on the thread and calmed everyone down with a "Definitely not," adding "My pregnancy announcement will be way more fun than this caption."

There's no need for the couple to rush. Morris and Hurd haven't even celebrated their first wedding anniversary yet, having married in March. Also, Morris has her hands full with her eagerly anticipated second studio album, which she says is definitely finished (it's even starting to leak). Fans can likely expect that particular "baby" to come around in early 2019.

Still, Morris is in no way shutting the door on the idea of human babies, and perhaps a lot of babies. As she recently told Taste of Country, "I sometimes want a bunch a kids, because I’ll watch The Family Stone and I’m like ‘Oh my God there’s like five kids in this family that grow up and they’re all like crazy and friends...I don’t know. It depends on what we can handle."

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