In case you've been living under a rock and haven't heard, Mark Chesnutt is the Sunday headliner at the Beartrap Summer Festival. Mark told us that he plans to turn the meadow into one big honky tonk.

If you know your country music, you already know that Mark Chesnutt has 14 number one songs to his name. His Wikipedia page documents his many hits like "Brother Jukebox", "Bubba Shot the Jukebox", "Goin' Thru the Big D", "It's a Little Too Late" and more that have topped the chart over the decades. Mark took some time to visit with us about his musical past, future and what he has planned for his Sunday performance at Beartrap in Casper.

Like many of us in Wyoming, Mark loves to hunt and fish. He mentioned that his schedule doesn't allow that often enough.

Mark Chesnutt - "Yeah, I try to be, but my schedule don't let me be quite the big time hunter or fisherman I used to be."

What about hunting and fishing in Wyoming?

Mark Chesnutt - "Nope. Never have. I've always threatened to, but never had the chance to."

Mark also shared with us that he's a big fan of newer artists like Luke Combs and Chris Stapleton who carry on some of that sound Mark and his colleagues made famous back in the 90's.

Mark Chesnutt - "Those guys said hey I'm not gonna play your game. I'm gonna do what I do...The powers that be have to say OK well we have to let them do what they do or we don't have anybody new. You can only take hip hop and rap country so far..(regarding guys like Luke Combs) I'm so proud of it."

If you love honky tonks, you're gonna want to be at Beartrap Sunday afternoon. Mark has plans for you.

Mark Chesnutt - "We are gonna turn that place into a honky tonk...I've got a great country band. I still got a fiddle, steel guitar. We're not up there rocking and rolling. We're not up there hip hopping and rapping. We are honky tonking."

For more details on Mark's performance at Beartrap along with all the other incredible artists, check out the official Beartrap Summer Festival website.

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