Jon Michaels, Townsquare Media

There 's a strange phenomenon happening about 45 minutes north of Casper.

The Ghost Lights of Wyoming have been seen in the Salt Creek Oil Field since the beginning of the twentieth century. They are described as bright singular lights ranging in color from bright yellow and gold, to reddish or bluish. Often hovering a few feet off the ground and traveling for great distances often along roads and the natural features of  of the land.

Scientist believe the orbs are produced from natural gas escaping the ground or possibly electromagnetic energy, but locals have other explanations for the areas sightings.

One of the most popular stories surrounding the mysterious lights in the Salt Creek and Dugout Creek area center around and Irishman named O'Rourke.The story is that back in the 1920's a man by the name of Chris Jensen had gone to town and so had Mrs. O'Rourke. Upon seeing Mrs.O'Rourke, Mr. Jensen offered to accompany her back home.

After arriving back at the O'Rourke place it was dark and no lights shown from inside. After entering the home Mr. O'Rourke was found dead at the dining room table of an apparent heart attack. It wasn't long after his death that the lights were seen traveling across the roads and hills. The Irish ranchers and settlers attributed the lights to Mr. O'Rourke carrying a lantern as he traversed up and over the hills or........maybe it's just a little gas escaping from the ground after all.

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