If you're a fan of the Paranormal Activity series and have been patiently awaiting the sixth and final installment... prepare to wait a little longer.

Paranormal Activity: Ghost Dimension will be released to theaters in regular 2D and 3D on this Friday (October 23rd, 2015). The bad news though, it won't be in ANY Wyoming theaters. I have personally been waiting for this movie since last October and have been putting up with massive date push-backs. This one, however, has hurt the worse. Albeit, most of the latest news has stated it was only going to be available in "select theatres", it still didn't mean I was getting my hopes up. For now, if you want to check it out opening night, be prepared to drive to Fort Collins... or further! Some Denver theaters are doing midnight viewings tonight.

The flip side of this horror coin is that Paramount is conducting an experiment where once the movie drops below 300 theaters, they will release it digitally 17 days later. Considering it's scheduled to be in only about 1300 theaters (considerably less than 3000 of the prior movies in the series), we should hopefully be seeing a digit release before Thanksgiving. Now all we have to do is stay off social media and pray we don't hear or see any spoilers.

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