Monster truck driver Bailey Shea stopped by our studios to talk about the toughest truck event at the Casper Events Center this weekend and what it's like to drive Quad Chaos.

It was announced last year that Bailey would be taking the wheel of legendary monster truck Quad Chaos. She shared that she's the only lady competing on the Toughest Monster Trucks Tour after racing ATV's for years.

Bailey Shea - "I've been racing ATV's nationally for 10 years...I got the phone call to drive the largest ATV in the world...and I'm like...are you kidding me? That's not even a question, of course I'll do here I am in Quad Chaos."

Bailey will be competing in the Toughest Monster Truck Tour at the Casper Events Center Saturday night. We asked her what her favorite part of the event will be.

Bailey Shea - "You would think it would be driving the truck...which I love it...I enjoy driving the truck so much, but it's my fans...we have what we call a pit party before every single show...we are down on the floor with our trucks. We meet every fan up close and personal. We take pictures with to them...they literally feel like they ware one of us."

You can see Bailey and the other drivers compete at the Casper Events Center this Saturday night, February 8. The monster truck fun should start at 7 pm.

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