Recently, a Montana guy stopped for an traffic accident on the interstate and did the only thing a Montana guy could do. He got out of his car and played the bagpipe.

The lady that shared this video said it happened on I-15 near Conrad, Montana. That's to the north of Great Falls if you've never been there.

According to her description of what happened, there was a tractor-trailer carrying sod which overturned blocking I-15. That stopped traffic, so she got out of her car to see what was going on. That's when she came upon a guy fully decked out with a kilt and everything playing the bagpipe.

You may laugh when I say this, but it's a very Montana thing to play the bagpipes. There's a Montana Bagpiper website that offers lessons and everything.

Whatever you do, please keep being you, Montana. Wouldn't want you any other way.

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