As Christmas is rushing towards us (only 25 days away), you'll probably be heading over to the mall at least once between now and the big day.  As you grab your coat, shopping list and car keys, you might also grab some hand sanitizer.

Health Magazine published an article about how we will all be attacked by germs when out shopping this holiday season.

Here are the top 5 germ filled spots you'll find at the mall and I'll apologize in advance in case this lists grosses you out.

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    Gadgets at Electronics Stores

    Display items you can touch like cell phones, cameras, remote controls or even laptops, are absolutely covered in germs.

    A study published last year found that viruses transfer extremely easily between the glass screens on electronics, and our fingertips.

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    Toy Stores

    With thousands of kids touching and grabbing at the hundreds of toys on the shelves, they leave behind millions of germs. Unfortunately, you can't do much about this while you're in the store, other than slather on the hand sanitizer when you leave.

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    Tables At The Food Court

    Even if you see an employee wiping down the tables, there's no way to know how clean the rag is. If the employee has used the same rag all day, the rag itself can spread bacteria like E. coli.

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    ATM Keypads

    This is not just on the cash machines, it includes the ones at the register when you use your ATM pin to pay for your purchases.

    Researchers in China tested 38 ATMs in a busy city center, and found that each key contained an average of 1,200 germs. And the dirtiest key was the "Enter" button.

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    The Bathroom Sink

    By far the dirtiest place in the bathroom, as it never dries out and this promotes bacteria growth. The article says that the soap dispensers are pretty disgusting, too. One in four contain unsafe amounts of bacteria.

    As if that's not enough, each time after someone uses the toilet, the first things they touch are either the faucets or the exit door handle.  Eeewwww!!!

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