On the dry side, in spring we get spotty thunderstorms – whether or not Wyomingites have an umbrella. Do most of us not even own one?

Below is a comment on tripadvisor answering a jovial travel planner who asked about Wyoming thunderstorms.

Afternoon showers come in quickly and move out quickly.  It can be raining in one spot and 100 yards away it’s dry. Most people in Wyoming don’t even own an umbrella.”

Wow, “in and out quickly” is usually correct, but I’d question if most don’t own umbrellas – that is if I found any confirmation otherwise; but I didn’t.

Here are the results of our silly little poll asking Wyomingites if they think it's true:

Yes, and it's hard to hang onto umbrellas in wind. … 62.5 Percent

I don’t know. I wouldn’t be surprised either way. … 25 Percent

No, I think more of us do have an umbrella. … 12.5 Percent