We all know that people in Wyoming love guns!  We own more guns per capita than the next three states combined.

Most of our gun culture in the cowboy state comes from our love of hunting and being in the outdoors.  But did you know that the biggest bore AR available to the general public is made right here in Wyoming?  It's True!!

Meet the AR 500 Auto Max - the most powerful short range semi-auto in the world!  The AR 500 Auto Max is a rimless 500 Smith & Wesson Magnum and was designed with big game hunters in mind.  According to their website, Big Horn Armory touts that the AR 500 is versatile enough to 'handle anything from prairie dogs to pachyderms to Perterbilts'.  Yes, enough fire power to stop a semi truck!!

If you're interested in ordering one, Big Horn Armory requires a $600 deposit and promises delivery with a few months.  Depending on part availability.

For more info visit the Big Horn Armory website.

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