Every spring, we have an unfortunate ritual we perform. As soon as bears come out of hibernation, almost immediately we have incidents to report of people behaving badly with these awesome animals.

This incident happened just over a week ago at Moran Junction, Wyoming. See if you can count the number of vehicles that have stopped to see a grizzly mom with a cub. Also notice the number of people who get out of their vehicles to be close to the bears. Sigh.

If only we could just shrug it off and move along with life, that'd be great. But, no, there's more to share. Behold this motorcycle rider who noticed a black bear next to the road he's on. He does the only sensible thing and stops to have a chat with the bear. Yes, that's sarcasm.

You can hear him say "Hi. Are you taking a nap? How are you doing?". For future reference, bears don't like to chat despite what you may have seen in Yogi Bear cartoons. This rider is close enough that if the black bear took a dislike to him, there's little chance he would have hit the accelerator in time to not become a bear snack.

I want to be clear about something. It's not like I want something bad to happen to humans, but the reason I share these continuous episodes is for the sake of the bears. Human contact especially of the food variety can be fatal for bears. If you doubt my words, let Bear Smart educate you about how dangerous bears are. We are below them on the food chain for a reason and these unnecessary incidents don't help the problem.

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