Realizing I had a potential Valentine's Day disaster on my hands.  But, could it be avoided?  

Having built a new home last year, I've been chomping at the bit to get stared finishing the downstairs basement.  Finally it arrived, my 2012 tax refund.

Now with some extra money to start this project in hand, I headed off to the big box store to get supplies ordered to start finishing the basement of my dreams, including a theater room, exercise area, bar and a huge bathroom with steam sauna and shower.

Off we went to the store, my girlfriend and I shopping and picking out lumber, wiring, tile, carpet and more.  After selecting the items needed to start the project, we purchased the supplies for this large project and then scheduled it for delivery.


Here's where the disaster almost happened!

Not thinking about Valentine's Day, being on Tuesday of this week - want to guess what day I scheduled our delivery for?  You guessed it - this afternoon!

Instead of a nice romantic dinner out on the town, my sweetheart and I will be moving supplies into our basement, this afternoon/evening.

On the verge of a panic yesterday, I realized how potentially big this mistake could be and I sprang into rescue mode!  Time to try and save the day.

After getting off the air on Monday, the eve before Valentine' s Day, I rushed to the store.  Hustling through the store, I wrangled roses, cards (yes plural - I always try to give one light hearted or funny card and one more sentimental or romantic), steaks, wine and cheese.

I paid the cashier and hurried home to prepare for the arrival of My Valentine for a surprise dinner - one day early!

Needless to say, my sweetheart was surprised and extremely happy.


Together we enjoyed wine and cheese, then a romantic steak dinner followed by chocolate truffles for dessert.  Everything turned out to be perfect!

Halfway through dinner I gently reminded her that we'll be working on Tuesday evening, because we had inadvertently scheduled our lumber delivery for Tuesday afternoon.

We shared a big laugh together.  My potential Valentine's Day crisis - Avoided!

We invite you to share your Valentine's Day stories both good and bad.  Simply leave your comment below.

Happy Valentine's Day from all of us at My Country 95.5!