This article has been updated to reflect that there were two victims born in 2010. We regret the error. 

A Natrona County man is accused of sexually abusing three girls, two of whom were born in 2010 and another born in 2015.

Michael Lee Andersen is charged with a single count of first-degree sexual abuse of a minor, five counts of second-degree sexual abuse of a minor and six counts of third-degree sexual abuse of a minor.

First-degree sexual abuse of a minor is punishable by at least 25 years behind bars and not more than 50. Second-degree sexual abuse of a minor is punishable by up to 20 years behind bars and third-degree sexual abuse of a minor is punishable by up to 15 years in prison.

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Andersen has not had an opportunity to enter pleas to the charges. The two girls he allegedly assaulted were close relatives, according to court documents.

According to an affidavit of probable cause, a Natrona County Sheriff's Office investigator began working the case in April of last year. The affidavit state's the girl's father contacted Wyoming Department of Family Services investigators and said his daughter, born in 2010, was molested by Andersen.

Court documents state the girl told investigators Andersen touched her genitals. The girl clarified that she woke up in bed multiple times to Andersen touching her.

:I don't know how much he's done it cuz he does it while I'm sleeping," the girl reportedly told authorities.

In one instance, Andersen allegedly told the girl, "I just wanna touch you everywhere." The girl reported that she was scared and just wanted to go home.

According to the affidavit, the girl told investigators that after the first time she caught Andersen touching her, he offered to give her $40 in cash.

"I'm so, so so, so sorry. Don't tell anybody. You don't have to tell anybody," Andersen allegedly told the girl. "I'll give you 40 bucks. We can go to the store tomorrow and I'll get you a new phone. I'll do anything for you not to tell anyone."

The girl reportedly told investigators she was stuck not telling anyone "[U]ntil I knew I had to tell someone."

Another girl also described instances of Andersen touching her private areas and that she attempted to escape every time but "he always pulls me."

"[The girl] stated she tried to 'escape' several times and that [Andersen] would pull [the girl] back to the bed by placing his hands on her hips and she was not able to get away," a sheriff's office investigator writes in the affidavit.

Andersen was arrested in April on unrelated charges.

During an interview with a Natrona County Sheriff's Office investigator, Andersen became enraged once informed of the allegations. He reportedly said he'd raised the children his entire life and said he'd only touched their private areas while bathing him.

"I was in prison for 15 years and I stomped the f--k out of child molesters in there," Andersen allegedly said. "Why would I now become one?"

Under Wyoming law, authorities cannot release mugshots of those accused of sex crimes until they have been arraigned in district court. 

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