In this day and age where 'Bullying' is a huge problem in our society, NBC is planning on airing a commercial that is going to make fun of people who are gluten free.  The 30 second ad (which pretends to be some kind of patriotic call to action) says 'Our idea of Danger is Eating Gluten' and adds 'We the People have gotten Soft'.  This commercial presents a big concern to me, you see my mom suffers from a condition known as Celiac Disease (an Allergy to Wheat Gluten) and I might be a carrier of this disease as well.  To NBC I say, my family is anything but 'SOFT'!!

I watch several shows on NBC and am a big NASCAR fan.  But I don't appreciate this type of advertising!

Like many others who have been touched by this often misdiagnosed disease, I try to bring positive attention to this disease and it's affects on people.  I'm not really one to call people out, but I'm tired of hearing about how weak or weird people are who live a gluten-free lifestyle.

People who suffer from Celiac Disease have to be extremely careful in their food choices. Take a second and think about all of the gluten-free children getting bullied for being “different”, when all they want to do is feel better and fit in. Think about all of the people who have gotten sick at restaurants because the kitchen and/or the staff do not take gluten allergies seriously. Think about all of those around us that are either undiagnosed or have been misdiagnosed and are suffering because they are uneducated on what gluten is doing inside their bodies.

Let's take a second and talk about Celiac Disease and allow me to simply lay out some facts and if you agree with me that NBC should change or remove their ad before this Sunday, I will have a call to action for you to follow.

Celiac Disease Facts

Fact: Celiac disease is a genetic autoimmune disease that damages the villi of the small intestine and interferes with absorption of nutrients from food.

Fact: Celiac disease affects over 3 million Americans, making it the most common autoimmune disease in the world.

Fact: Celiac disease affects men and women across all ages and races.

Fact: 83% of those celiacs are undiagnosed or misdiagnosed.

Fact: The longer a person is not properly diagnosed and continues to eat gluten, the greater their risk of developing other autoimmune disorders, neurological problems, osteoporosis and cancer.

Fact: Untreated celiac disease increases the risk of cancer 200-300%.

Fact: Untreated celiac disease increases the risk of miscarriage 800-900%.

Fact: There are NO pharmaceutical cures for celiac disease.

Fact: A 100% gluten-free diet is the only existing treatment for celiac today.

Fact: The total US healthcare cost for all untreated celiacs: $14.5 – $34.8 billion annually.

Fact: An additional 3% – 6% suffer from non-celiac gluten sensitivity and suffer just as greatly.

Is it cancer? No. Does that mean it should be laughed at? I would like to think not.

If NBC wants to promote NASCAR by poking fun and dismissing the feelings and health condition of millions of people, they do so at the peril of their viewership.

I’d like everyone to share this link on with their friends on Facebook and Twitter in hopes of getting as many signatures as humanly possible. Whether you think it will work or not, I hope you will consider signing it. It’s all about getting our voices heard and to knock off this nonsense that people are weak because they’re gluten free.  Thank you!

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