I have found conclusive proof that Wyoming doesn't need your gluten-free food here.

There's a dating app called Hater that documents what you dislike the most so it can match you up with someone who despises the same things as you. Based on their science, this map shows that Wyoming hates gluten-free food more than any other.

Graphic by Hater
Graphic by Hater

The Takeout shared this amazing news for those that can't jam enough gluten into their daily routine.

This study inspired me to look up what foods contain the most gluten. No doubt why us Wyomingites hate gluten-free because we love just about everything on the list shared by the Celiac Disease Foundation. Pastas, breads, crackers and french fries. We eat that stuff by the shovel-full. Beers are also on the list, so if you like to throw a few down, you're not gluten-free either.

Just to show that we can be tolerant and supportive in Wyoming, here are some gluten-free recipes if you have that need. You are welcome.

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