What up people? How ‘bout them Huckin Fuskers? I watched many of the championship games over the weekend, and I have to say, that the Nebraska/Wisconsin game was awful. Nebraska was projected to win, they didn’t even show up. I think it was the worst butt kicking they have ever gotten in school history. It was a sad night to be a Husker fan; that is for sure. One of my family members posted on
Facebook that if you listen, Bo Pelini could be heard ‘round the world during half-time of that game; that was funny! I’m sure he was HOT!

Well, as a consolation, the Huskers get to play Georgia in the Citrus Bowl, so I suppose that is better than nothing.

I love this time of the NFL season; the playoffs are near and winning becomes so critical if teams have any hope of advancing.

Last night, with Washington beating New York, Dallas and Washington are now tied for second in that division right under New York.

Chicago and Green Bay are now tied for the top of their division; San Francisco is now only one game ahead of Seattle after last weekend.

The biggest buzz around right now is regarding the Bob Costas commentary on Sunday night. Just after we, in Casper are just wrapping our brains around the tragedy that took place last week, in Kansas City, Jevon Belcher shot his girlfriend nine times then drove to Arrowhead and shot himself in the head. Bring on the comments about gun control.

We in Wyoming seem to have a better grasp on the mindset of the privilege of owning a gun; we are hunters in this state, and when something like what happened in Kansas City or anywhere else for that matter happens, it gets harder and harder to make people understand “It’s not guns who kill people, it’s people who kill people”.

That is just my opinion, keep it real!