First off, it's really cool that Ned LeDoux gives us a behind-the-scenes view of a legendary music venue in Billy Bob's Texas. I bet the show he put on was nuts, from his performance to the rowdy crowd. Pure music bliss.

Secondly, and most glaringly, the hooded sweatshirt that Ned is wearing is none other than a Wyoming Cowboys hoodie. I mean, sure, he's in Texas at this infamous music venue, but what does he choose to wear while he's checking out the venue? His Cowboy pride! Just awesome.

Check out the video for yourself, it's really cool and has a mention of his father, Chris.

I love that he got his name on the wall right between his father and George Jones. You noticed George Jones on the wall right above him, right? It's also cool with all the signatures and tradition on the wall.

It's still really cool to see the Wyoming native sporting the Cowboys while he's out on tour and doing what he does best, playing music.

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It has to be really cool for Ned to be able to go through Billy Bob's Texas and know a piece of his Dad is there. He most likely had a similar feeling getting to hit the stage at CFD this year. Either way, it is really cool to see him getting to tour the country and play music.

I'm full-on Ned LeDoux Wyoming hoodie tracker now. I'll be on the lookout to see if he shows up wearing Cowboys gear anywhere else now.

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