In Wyoming hunting is a way of life, but we shouldn't have to hunt for one of the blue U.S. Mail Collection Boxes. I've found that they are some of the most illusive critters in the state.

If you live in Casper, been to Casper or even heard of Casper, you know this city isn't the largest in the country. You also know that it takes 10-20 minutes to cross town, so it's not that big.

In today's online world, I honestly don't mail things that often. When I do need to, I always forget where the collection boxes are around Casper.

I assume that you've driven around for a while before you remembered where the post offices are around the area, like me. Maybe not, maybe it's just me...but I feel I need to get my best camo, paint my face and set out on a great hunting trip right in the middle of Casper.

If you've been in the same boat as me, I've taken it upon myself to be the U.S. Mail Mailbox guide for your mailbox hunting trip.

When you're hunting, it's always a good idea to have a map. I found a map at under the 'quick tools' section. Then I was curious, have I been making the search way too difficult? Yep. is another site that shows you where those buggers are.

In my initial search, I was about knocked over by the number of collection boxes that are actually in the entire Casper area. The elusive blue critters, don't seem to be that elusive after all.

I guess this hunting trip is more like an Easter egg hunt; they're all over, but you have to be looking for them to see them.

The blue trophies are at all of the Casper area post offices, with 2 in Casper, 1 in Mills and 1 in Evansville.

Mailbox post office

Here's where you can find the blue collection boxes

Mailbox Area

Downtown Casper seems to have them on every did I miss them?

Mailbox Casper

I'd like to apologize to the U.S. Postal Service for the unnecessary cursing under my breath.

Drew Kirby/CANVA

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