There's a new conspiracy theory making the rounds that Wyoming men need to know about. It's a theory that the government is trying to convince men to shave their beards. The truth is out there.

This theory has been making the rounds on Buzzfeed and was fueled by a Reddit post. Here's the crux of what the theory is:

Beards are causing facial recognition software not to work correctly, so the government is spreading disinformation to convince them to shave them off.

Don't laugh. OK, I'll admit I did, but there is some fire where there is smoke. Just a few weeks ago, we shared the story about how there's a new scientific theory that guys with beards have more germs than dogs.

Is there any science to back this theory up? Not really. Forbes did a story almost 10 years ago about how to hide your face from the government. They found that men with beards were still recognizable by facial recognition software. Their study said you need sunglasses to hide your eyes to beat the system. Facial hair can make it slightly more difficult, but not enough to make a difference.

Maybe the government is scared about our recent story about how Wyoming guys with beards make better boyfriends and husbands. Like I said, the truth is out there and it probably has a beard.

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