I don't like to jump to conclusions. You know that around here we like to back up our claims with science...or at least a somewhat valid survey that supports what we say.

But, I'm beginning to think that Australians have an obsession with bearded men.

Recently I read ANOTHER article about men with beards based on research done in Australia. This is now our second beard post based on research done by Australian scientists in less than a week...and it makes me wonder...

This new study shows that men with beards are seen as having stronger emotions than their clean-shaven buddies.

According to Dr. Belinda Craig, beards help emphasize the jawline, which is extremely important in recognizing facial expressions, and moods. It is easier to read the emotions of men with beards, whether it's anger or joy.

This means that overall, men with beards are seen as more emotional because it is easier to read their feelings.


Side Note: If you're planning to play poker professionally, maybe it's time to shave off that beard!

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