My wife and I had a discussion that has led me to ask you a question. Do you think it's alright for a Wyoming man to use skin care products?

Here's my dilemma. My skin quality is not the greatest. I'm blaming it on the red hair. My wife believes there are some products that could help my cause. The only problem is...well...I am a guy who thinks of himself as a smaller version of Chuck Norris. It just doesn't feel manly to actually care about my skin. Does that make sense?

She recommended this concoction. It's a face scrub. Wow, I can't believe that I actually said "face scrub".

Doc Holliday
Doc Holliday

It just seems weird to go outside and face the day as a Wyoming man knowing that I have used face scrub. In an effort to achieve full disclosure, I have to admit that I've also used my wife's nose strips. I'll just go ahead and hand over my Wyoming man card now.

Sound off. OK or no?

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