While hanging out on twitter I came across this post about new data showing what each state's favorite Halloween candy is.


I of course immediately took a look at Wyoming and was pretty appalled surprised that according to bid-on-equipment.com our favorite Halloween Candy is SweetTarts.


First, I have to come clean and say I DO love the Mini Chewy SweetTarts but the plain regular SweetTarts...blech. They remind me of the vitamins I had to take as a kid.

The data used to create this map was gathered by collecting data from google searches.

Looking at the map, it's safe to say that Americans still prefer chocolate candy over everything else.


But did anyone else notice that Twix didn't make an appearance on the map?

And can we talk about South Dakota's choice of Gummy Worms...does anyone over the age of 6 really like those?

I can totally get behind my home state's choice of Pretzel M&M's and apparently I must have some sort of connection to Lousiana because I wholly support their choice of Air Heads.

The article also shared the most popular Halloween Candy in Major Metro Cities. The closest one to us was Denver, CO and their favorite was Jolly Ranchers.

I still remain doubtful about the accuracy of this map, but who am I to disagree with "science"?


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