Bill Spicer has been an avid fly fisherman for 30 years and is an accomplished fly tier, author, guide, teacher, and is a FFF Certified Master Fly Casting Instructors.

In a recent episode of "The New Fly Fisher" Spicer shares video footage from a past trip to Casper, Wyoming.

Spicer used North Platte Lodge out of Alcova, Wyoming as his guide and was thrilled with the world-class Trout fishing that the North Platte River had to offer.

In the video, Spicer raves about the fabulous Trout fishing as well as the unique views along the North Platte River, including a herd of Antelope and Pelicans.

Spicer takes time in the video to walk viewers through several patterns that will help them to catch some of our famous trout, and also describes in-depth the flies that he uses.

You might have a few more weeks of fishing left, and now is actually a great time to fly fish if you enjoy streamer fishing.

NOTE: I have no idea what I'm talking about, the advice above is from Mr. Prairie Wife.

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