Schools across the U.S. and Europe are making a new rule – against best friends. No, I'm not kidding. Turns out frowning upon best friends could lessen potential pain, according to the policy makers. Will a "no bff's" policy ever be proposed for Wyoming Schools? I hope not.

Believe it or not, school policy makers reason it is not good for a child to have just one best friend. On the other hand, a journal called “Childhood Development” finds the opposite about what's good for a child - close friendship.

Of course, the educator's idea of no best friends is to befriend all classmates. Call me old school, but I don’t know where officials got the idea this utopia can ever be achieved. I'm all for them reaching for it, but these are people not even related to the students making decisions without considering what the parents prefer.

I know there will always be dreamers who believe there can be a perfect world. But fortunately, there are also some experts who are not ignorant of the real world and understand it isn't perfect. National Association of Teachers general secretary, Russel Hobby, told the Daily Mail, “We make and lose friends throughout our lives.”

In Wyoming, there are always going to be little cowboys and cowgirls who become fast best friends. Let's encourage that.