A group of spelunkers just shared a new video of their exploration of Wyoming's Horsethief cave and it reveals some of the many reasons why it's so special.

Jeremy just dropped this video of Horsethief Cave on Vimeo.

Horse Thief Cave - Wyoming from Jeremy on Vimeo.

If you've never been to Horsethief, it's located in extreme northern Wyoming. As the guys show in their video, their adventure began literally 50 feet from Montana. That's about as far north in Wyoming as you can get.

Camp Wyoming shares one of the many backstories about how Horsethief Cave got its name including the fact that it used to be a tunnel where horse thieves would transport their goods between counties. They even include the legend that a sheriff blew up part of the caverns with dynamite crushing the thieves and their horses back in the day.

Over 25 years ago, the LA Times documented the part of Horsethief Cave known as Denise's Crystal Crawl. The guys in this video go through it and it's not something you want to even think about if you're claustrophobic.

Only In Your State also did a feature on Horsethief that includes some specific location and landmark locations if you're up for a caving adventure. It's amazing, but not for the faint of heart.

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