Say What?

What up people?  Wow what a week in the NFL!  Who is on the hot seat now?  Is it Jason Garrett in Dallas?  Sitting with a 3-5 record in their division tied with Philly, which by the way is their next game on Sunday, shall be interesting.  Speaking of Philly, Andy Reid may be on the hot seat himself.

So, the NFC East is looking like a division that can’t seam to get their heads in the game and figure out their identity.  Even the Giants, who a week prior was being talked about as being the best team in the NFC turned up on Sunday against Pittsburgh and looked horrible.  What was Eli’s stat?  He only threw for around 124 yards the entire game, wow.  Eli will have his chance for redemption as they play Cincinnati on Sunday afternoon.

Another guy I have heard rumor about is Mike Shannahan.  This team is at the bottom of that division.  Is he just biding his time until he can hand over the reins to his son Kyle in D.C.?  At least this weekend they have a bye and can re-group.  I was so glad that Carolina got a win on Sunday, though; I couldn’t take another after game interview of Cam whining and belly-aching about how crappy they played.

The NFC North is looking solid.  The Bears are leading the division with Green Bay right behind.  They have a bye weekend this weekend.  And by the way, if you ever have a chance to meet Aaron Rogers, the reigning NFL MVP, mind you, don’t tell him he looks taller on television than in real life, like some guy from Milwaukee did.  What, you couldn’t come up with something else to say?  What a moron.

Atlanta is still rolling in the NFC South, but I don’t even know how they have managed to stay on top this long.  They play New Orleans in the dome on Sunday.  Something will give.

Alex Smith and head coach Jim Harbaugh are getting it done in San Fran in the NFC West as they lead their division 6-2. They face the Rams at home on Sunday.

Moving on to the AFC, in the West, Denver is on top of their division and face Carolina on Sunday away.  This should be a gimmie for Denver.

Houston in on top in the AFC South and play the Bears at Soldier field on Sunday Night Football.  (Of course I want Houston to win so Green Bay will be closer in the NFC division!)

Baltimore is hanging on in the AFC North with a 6-2 record in their division and they play Oakland at home; Ravens should win this game pretty handily.

Finally the AFC East, they look a lot like the NFC East, really.  Stats aren’t that great, records aren’t that great, but New England is on top with a not so great record of 5-3.  They play Buffalo at home after a bye week.  We will see if the week off helps or not.

Well I won’t be cheering for Green Bay this weekend, but I will be cheering for Houston!

That’s just my opinion, keep it real!