Last time I looked, very few people had actually seen this, but there's a new super-short video that shows how Teton County, Wyoming became the richest county in America.

The guy that did this is called Chart Guy on YouTube. He has only a handful of subscribers so far, but he has put together a rather snappy 2 minute video showing how our neighbors in Teton County became so dang rich.

OK, so the video is 2 minutes and 29 seconds long instead of just 2 minutes. Sue me.

Teton County being the richest in America is a fact. CNBC reported on it back in 2017. What I love about the video this guy did is it puts the growth out there in a visual way where you can see Teton County become more affluent in the 1980's until it around 2005 when it topped everyone else.

It's a nifty tool to have for someone like me with a really low attention span. Oh, look. Pretty lights.

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